Tuesday, 29 January 2013

YOTB welcomes Kahibah Brass

The Year of the Bird exhibition is pleased to announce that Kahiba Brass will be performing at our opening event at Maitland Regional Art Gallery on Saturday February 23 from 3pm.

Kahibah Brass is a 20 piece band with musician ages ranging from 8 to 80. They rehearse and perform regularly, have instruments you can arrange to borrow, and are always keen to take on new members. If you think you have the chops, then get in touch and let them know...

Kahibah Brass Band is proudly sponsored by the Kahibah Bowling Club and you can find out more about the band on their website.


Friday, 11 January 2013

YOTB Work in Progress... Caelli Jo Brooker

Some preliminary sketches for Caelli Jo Brooker's work for Year of the Bird.

"...Our relationship with the bird is complex. We have a long cultural history of using birds decoratively, symbolically, narratively, allegorically and consuming them literally and metaphorically through advertising, art, commerce and fashion.

My work for Year of the Bird borrows from mythological, literary and popular culture representations of birds and re-imagines them in abstracted imaginary ‘field studies’. These large scale painted drawings are also personal interpretations of the museological and presentational aspects of natural history traditions, incorporating abstract note-taking, anatomy and typography. References to these borrowed traditions are woven with more contemporary mythos, reflecting the bird’s ongoing place in our collective cultural psyche

Sketches for Abstract Mythological Field Studies 2012
watercolour and crayon on paper
42 x 29.7 cm (each)

Year of the Bird at MRAG 2013

Year of the Bird
22 February - 7 April 2013
Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW Australia

‘Year of the Bird’ (YOTB), is a group exhibition exploring the prevalence of bird imagery in contemporary art and features the work of Marian Drew, Kate Foster (UK), Emma Van Leest, Pamela See, Vanessa Barbay, Trevor Weekes, Helen Wright, David Hampton and the curators, Helen Hopcroft and Caelli Jo Brooker.

Thematically the exhibition explores themes of nature versus culture, wildlife as elegy, representations of non-human animals, and birds as potent signifiers of both human and environmental issues.